Monday, March 25, 2013

Tip #3

Taking a “GOOD” Photo of your Item

This is one of the MOST important things you can do as a sales woman!!! You want to give the BEST impression possible of your item, and a good photo is always a great way to do that!!! I know some place use models to show off their items, and these are always AMAZING photos for your products. BUT not everyone can afford to “Give Away” their items to do this, so I will give you a few pointers that make for a great DIY photo. Let’s get to it shall we!?!?

  1. Backgrounds ~ These are always a great way to ensure that your images look professional!! Even with a Regular Joe camera, a neutral background, like colored paper or wood flooring, can make all the difference. You can even try outdoor areas like decks, clothes lines, grass, etc….
  2. Lighting ~ Make sure you are taking your photos in a well lit area!! Too dark and the product will be hard to see, same with an area that is overly bright!! You may also need to soften or turn off the flash on your camera to reduce glare.
  3. Props ~ Props are always a great addition to ANY photo!! Even something simple like glitter or confetti can add pizzazz!! If you have a manikin head or large doll, these are great for taking photos of Headbands/Clips & Hats. Dress manikins are great for clothing items like Dresses, Shirts, or Tutus.  Don’t be afraid to invent new ways to spice up your photos with some props!!
  4. Photoshop or Paint Shop ~ This is for the more advanced photo taker. Programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop can be used to add more color with borders or watermarks (preventing your photo from being used by others).  Also a great way to put a name with the product!!!

Hopefully by following these helpful tips you can start producing 
quality images of your products!! :-)

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