Monday, August 5, 2013

★ August BOTM - Tooty Fruity Boutique ★

Introducing our Featured Boutique of the Month of August:

We here at CCD are very proud to bring you this AMAZING Bow Shop!! Not only is she 100% reliable & affordable, but she is also EXTREMELY creative when it comes to her work. If you don't believe us, then head over to her page and check out some of her GORGEOUS Ribbon Sculptures!!

Even her Basic Bows are a work of Art!! From cute Clippies to fun Holiday Creations, Tooty Fruity Boutique has EVERYTHING you need to make your little one's Hair Cute on a DAILY BASIS!! When you stop by her shop and let her know how FABULOUS her creations really are, be sure to let her know CCD sent ya over!! 

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